The Tradition Of Kindness - Light of Islam




Written by

Scientific Council of Na'ba Organization

Translated and Edited by

K. Najafi

In The Name Of Allah The
Beneficent The Merciful

My name is "Jaber bin Abdollah Ansari". I am
one of the followers of Prophet Mohammad ibn Abdullah
(SAW). I've had a very long life, leven saw Imam Baqer
(A.S.). By the wishes of the Prophet himself, I gave his
regards to the Imam.

I became acquainted with this great family from the
early days of Islam, and have both sweet and bitter
memories of them and happenings concerning them.

....This time I would like to recall one of the
sweetest memories, one of the greatest events, something
that I can never forget.

Every once and a while I would visit the Holy
Prophet's (SAW) daughter. During these visits I would
learn something new, and be told about some of the
secrets of this great family. This time when I made a
visit to Hazrat-e- Zahra's (A.S.) house, she seemed to be
very happy. Some special event had happened, I asked her
why she was so happy, and this great lady narrated the
following story.

That day my father (the Prophet) visited me. I saw him
every day but still could not see him enough. I loved him
dearly. He was more loved than my own soul. His kind and
open face inspirited me with new life. It is quite
obvious what he meant for me, for this was the same man
who brought grace and blessing to the world. He would
call me the fruit of his life-he was epitome of affection
and kindness.

Every time he embraced me, he would shower me with
kisses and say:

"My daughter! from you comes the odour of

He would even place my hands between his own and start
kissing them, filling me with shame.

He would tell me: "Dear Zahra, you are like a
mother to me! Whoever torments you, torments me. You are
of the enlightened ones, and a piece of my own flesh.
Zahra! you are dear and deeply loved by your father. Your
anger is the cause of God's anger, and your happiness is
the cause of God's happiness."

That day as was his custom he came to visit me, but he
seemed tired and low spirited. He wasn't happy and
energetic as he always was. My father spoke to me:
"My dear daughter, I feel tired and weak, and would
like to rest a little."

I became depressed and worried, and said; "Dear
father, don't say you are tired. God forbid that I should
see you tormented and tired."

My father replied; "Dear Zahra bring me that
woolen Yemeni cloak and throw it over me."

I immediately brought the "woolen cloak" and
covered him with it.

Sad and worried, I observed his angelic and beautiful
face, shining like the full moon. I rejoiced seeing him,
his very being warming me and giving me hope, I must
remind you, that it was during these very hard and
eventful years that his Prophethood was tested most, as
he tried to lead the people. I remembered well most
events that occured during his life and I kept recalling
them, memorizing each one.

I remembered well when my son, "Hassan's"
sweet voice would call out; "Hello, mother". He
was the Prophet's eldest grandson.

"Hassan" looked very much like the Holy
Prophet (SAW), and my father loved him very much. He
loved him more than a grandfather could love his

He would place him on his shoulders, saying; "
Anyone who loves me, should love Hassan as well."

My father would quite firmly give orders that his
followers and friends should be Hassan's followers and
friends as well.

One time the Prophet's followers were witness to the
fact that during prayers, the Prophet made an
exceptionally long "sujdeh". After prayers they
asked him; "Dear Prophet of God, why did you make
such a long "sujdeh"? Did an angel
appear?" The Prophet replied: No, as I was making my
"sujdeh" my son Hassan got on my back, I waited
until he got off before I arose.

One day when Hassan had come home, he told me;
"Mother I smell a nice odour. Now, this odour was
the odour of my grandfather, the Prophet of God."

I told him; "yes, my dear son, this nice odour is
the odour of the Prophet himself."

Hassan then inquiringly asked; "Mother, where is
he?!" I replied; "My father is resting under
that woolen cloak."

Hassan quickly went towards the cloak. He gave his
greetings to the Holy Prophet (SAW) and said;
"Grandfather will you allow me to come near

My father who heard his voice said: "Greetings to
you my son! You yourself are the owner of all permission.
Come, come closer to me, for I am anxious to see

The Prophet warmly embraced Hassan and held him close
to himself till he fell asleep.

It wasn't soon until Hossein entered the house.
"Mother, greetings!"

"Greetings to you my son, the light of my eyes
and fruit of my heart, welcome."

I honestly don't know which one my father preferred
most, for he showed the same love and devotion to both.
Maybe he loved them both the same.

One thing for sure was that he loved them both
tremendously, maybe even too much. The reason for this
great love was quite obvious. My father himself used to
say; "God has ordered me to love and cherish these
two, for God supports those friends who are friends of

Most or probably all of the Prophets companions and
followers heard him repeat over and over again that:
"Hassan and Hossein are leaders, leading both the
people in this world, as well as those (youths) in the
next world (heaven)". He emphasized the fact that
both of them were innocent, and that their enemies would
be despized and cursed by God.

Most of the time the Holy Prophet (SAW) would speak
about both of them equally. But on some occasions he
would speak either of Hassan (AS) or Hossein (AS).

For example one time he spoke of Hassan as such:
"The blood of the Muslims will be saved by him,
through the grace of God." About Hossein he would
say; "Hossein is of me as I am of him." My
father would say that the protectors of God's religion
belonged to him, and often stated that the Imams and his
successors would descend from Hossein.

Of course he said other things about Hossein that was
kept a secret from me. And only at times would hint to me
what great tragedy would happen in Hossein's life.

Anyway, when Hossein entered the door he knew that his
grandfather was there. He said: "Mother I smell
something very nice and sweet, it seems like the smell of
my grandfather, the Prophet of God." And I answered;
yes, your grandfather and brother are both here, resting
under the woolen cloak."

Hossein approached them and said; "Grandfather,
greetings, O' messenger of God, greetings! Do I have your
permission to come to you?"

My father replied: "Greetings, greetings to you
my son, greetings to the light of my descendants. Come,
come to me. Hossein then too went to his

It was at this moment that my husband arrived. As he
entered the door he cried out: "Greetings! Oh,
daughter of God's messenger." His voice filled me
with strength. What can I say of him? No matter how much
I try to explain, I can never explain well enough of the
special bond between my father and Ali. Everyone knows
the Prophet loved no one more than he loved Ali, even me.
Is it surprising? Yes, he did not even love me as much as
he loved Ali. Even though my fathers caring and kindness
for me had no boundaries, in another way hard to explain
he loved Ali more.

It is obvious to his devotion towards Ali, for since
he was a child he embraced and cared for Ali as his own
son. During all the years he made pilgrimage to the Hara
Cave, and before being appointed the messenger of God,
Ali was his witness and sole confident as to my father's
mission. The first person to have faith in him was Ali.
He was only a boy of thirteen when my father showed and
announced him as his successor to the tribe of Quraish.
His strength in his own faith was through him. He knew
him as his own, and trusted Ali to protect and spread his
faith. Over and over again my father declared that, after
him was Ali.

No one was more aware of the secrets and science held
in the Holy Quran but Ali. He knew the Quran verse by
verse. My father knew Ali as the knowledge of the book.

Ali loved the Prophet very much, he cherished him more
than his own life. That is why when the Holy Prophet
(SAW) wanted to escape from the trap of the
non-believers. Ali placed himself in the Prophet's place,
knowing that the sword-bearers meant to kill the Prophet.
Over and over again Ali risked his life for the Prophet.
Of course, he would say that in the heat of the battle
when things looked bleak the Prophet had saved them from
the claws of the enemies.

Anyway this was the Ali who now entered our house. I
returned his warm greetings. He too knew that the Prophet
was in our house, Ali knew his perfumed smell better than
anyone else. He turned to me and asked; "Is this my
brother and cousin that I smell?" And I
replied;" Yes, my dear husband, he along with our
two children are lying over there under the woolen cloak.
Ali approached them and said; "Oh, Prophet of God!
Greetings! Will you give me permission to approach you so
that I too may join you?" The Holy Prophet (SAW)
replied; "Greetings to you my dear brother and
successor, yes come closer." Ali then approached the

Seeing them, my father, my husband and my children all
together, put a certain yearning in my heart so as to
also be a part of that special group. Everyone was
waiting for me, the Prophet, Ali, my children, the
angels, Gabriel and God. I too approached my father and
asked; "Oh, Prophet of God, will you too give me
permission to sit with you?"

The Prophet said; "Greetings my daughter, my
soul, yes, come. I went and sat among my loved ones,
here, was the very centre of kindness. Kindness and love
radiated from those around me."

An event was about to take place, something in which
my father knew before anyone else. He took both sides of
the cloak in his hands, surrounding us five. Then lifting
his right hand towards the sky he started whispering,

"Dear God, these are my family."

Their flesh and blood are of mine.

Anyone who hurts or bothers them, hurts and bothers

And anyone who pleases them pleases me.

Dear Creator, I am an enemy to those who are enemies
of them. And I am a friend to those who are friends of

They are of me, and I am of them.

We are one. We were created from one light."

All of this was said by the Prophet, however he had
also said this before. But this time it was different, as
if something else was about to happen. Following the
Prophet's words came this prayer.

"So dear God, bless us with your blessings and
keep us away from the unpure. Make them of the pure and
holy ones."

The Prophet prayed from the deapth of his heart, and
we too said "amen" from the deapth of our

The Almighty God heard the Prophets words and decreed
to all heavenly beings and angels.

"Oh, Angels!"

"Oh, heavenly beings!"

"Do you see them, these five beings who are gathered
under this cloak? Be aware for it was I who created the
open skies, the wide earth, the shining moon the
radiating sun, the spining heavenly bodies, and the
turmoiled seas. I did not create those but out of my
kindness and friendship towards them."

Gabriel then asked; "Oh, Almighty God! And who
are those gathered together under that cloak that you
speak so highly of?"

"They are the Holy Prophets (SAW) Household, and
the source of the Prophetic mission. These five people
are Fatima (AS), her father, her husband, and her two

I at once became ashamed of God's kindness, and grace
towards me and my family.

Gabriel then asked; "Dear God will you give me
permission so that I may also join them and become the

And God answered; "Yes, I give you permission so
that you may approach them and give. the Prophet a
message from me."

Gabriel descended from the heavens and told the Holy
Prophet (SAW);

"Oh, Prophet of God! The Almighty asks me to tell
you about yourself and your family."

"I swear that I did not open the skies,

Nor the wide earth,

Nor the shining moon,

Nor the radiating sun,

Nor the shining heavenly bodies,

Nor the turmoiled seas,

... but for you and my kindness towards you."

"Oh, Prophet of God! It is only God who has given
me permission to visit you."

"Dear God! This is Gabriel your trusted angel, who
has brought my father a message from you, the Almighty.
How can we ever pay back this special attention and
kindness that you have given us?"

So, therefore Gabriel approached us and became the
sixth person. He said to my father:

Allah only desires to keep away the
uncleanness from you,

O people of the House! and to purify you a (thorough)

All of us were happy. Ali asked from my father.
"Oh, Prophet of God. What is the reason for all of
us to be gathered together here under this cloak? What
event is to follow?"

The Holy Prophet (SAW) replied; "I swear to God
who has chosen me to be truthfull, honest and to guide
the lost souls. If any among human beings, among my
Followers recall and contemplate such event, the
blessings and Grace of God will surely follow and be
bestowed upon them."

Ali then happily replied; "I swear to God that we
and our followers are of the true."

Fatima's speech which had reached this point left me

Oh' God! In this small, poor house and under this
coarse woolen cloak, what magnificent event has taken
place. Oh, God! How close and dear are these people to
you? Oh, God! Have you created everything because of

Why shouldn't they be dear? They have closed their
eyes to all the beauties of this world for you. Even
though you gave this world to them.

This great event took place in Zahra's (AS) house and
no one except the angels and heavenly beings witnessed

It also happened two more times, once at Umm-e-
Salamas house (one of the Prophet's wives) and once at

As a result, this great event is so famous and well
known, that most people know about it. It is also well
known that the Holy Prophet (SAW) continuously went every
day for eight months to Fatimas house, and repeated this
verse loudly so that people may hear:

Allah only desires to keep away the uncleanness
from you,

O people of the House! and to purify you a (thorough)

"Greetings and salutions to the Household of the

So that, everyone would be aware as to who was
considered the Holy Prophet's (SAW) Household. It was
only after this event that these five people, Fatima
(AS), her father, her husband and her two children
(Hassan and Hossein) were know as- "companions of